On page, you will learn how to use our backtesting engine so you can backtest your strategies before deploying them live. 

To access the backtesting panel, simply click on the "Backtesting" button next to the strategy you want to backtest.

The Strategy Editor

On the left side of the backtesting panel, you will find the strategy editor, in the form of our code editor. That's where you can set the different parameters for your trading strategy & adjust it.

The Command Panel

On the right side of the backtesting panel, you will find the command panel that you can use to:

  • Save your strategy: save the current settings of your strategy
  • Run a backtest: run a backtest with your current strategy
  • Optimise: go to the optimisation panel, where you can automatically optimise the parameters of your strategy

Just below the command panel, you will find a progress bar that will show you the progress of your current backtest. When it is finished, results will automatically be updated.

The Results Section

Below the command panel, you will find all the results of your latest backtest. You will find indicators about your backtest, as well as graphs showing the evolution of your virtual portfolio over time, and the price of the traded asset with the trades done by the backtesting engine.

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