Easily Create Algorithmic Trading Strategies

TradeEngine is a platform that anyone can use to deploy algorithmic trading strategies. Create your strategy (or pick one from a template), backtest it, and deploy it live - all within a single interface without any download needed!

Here is how TradeEngine works

Create Your Strategy

Create your strategy in a few clicks by selecting one of our existing templates or create one from scratch. To build a strategy, you can use our trading-optimised code editor or visual flows so you don't even have to write a line of code! (coming soon).

Backtest on Historical Data

Automatically backtest your strategy with historical data that is available right into the app. No need to fetch or manage data from other sources. Plus, automatically optimise parameters of your strategies without any line of code!

Go Live & Profit!

Put your algorithm live in one simple click and automatically have it trade from well-known brokers & exchanges like Alpaca or Binance. Then just relax & monitor your profits!

Here are some of the brokers & exchanges we support so far

Your Success with Algorithmic Trading is Our Priority

Secure Platform

Trading on our platform is completely secure - for example your funds always stay on the exchanges, we only pass trades via APIs. We also can't see your trading algorithms & results as everything is safely encrypted.

Headache Free Trading

Using our platform means you don't have to care about the usually painful tasks in algorithmic trading - like fetching historical data or connecting to APIs - we did all that work for you :)

Cloud Based

Your algorithms run in the cloud on our platform - which means you will never miss a trade because your own computer or server crashed. Plus you always get the latest version of our software.
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